The Desperate Trail The Cantina Cook  NBC Movie of the Week
Revenge On the Highway  The Wedding Minister  NBC Movie of the Week
Gunsmoke-The Long Ride  The Hatless Cardplayer  CBS Movie of the Week
Greenhorn The Yawning Diner  German TV

 Moneyman Loan Promotions Spokesperson/Moneyman   Regionals
 Benjamin Moore Paints  Voiceovers   Regionals
 Toyota-Academy Awards  An Excited Fan   Regionals
 The Honor Card  The Store Clerk   Regional
 Sunwest Bank - Class Reunion  A Party Guest   Regional
 Psychic Readers Network  Psychic Readings   Regional


 General Burgoyne  Butch Cassidy The Scarecrow  Enchanted Lover
 Cowardly Thug  Foreign Spy N.Y.C. Train Porter   Belligerent Drunk
 Nervous Accountant  Rude Waiter  Drugged Banker  Devout Sheperd
 Obnoxious Cabbie  Timid Patient  Senile Doctor  Bumbling Detective
 Psychotic Pervert  Philosophic Poet  Stupid Deputy  Loudmouth Stagehand
 Doting Father  Lecherous Actor  Confused Rancher  Brave Spaceranger
Horny Suitor   Wiseass Sheriff  Greedy CEO  German Baron
 Tipsy Judge  Stuffy Butler  Deaf Cameraman  Pushy Customer
Dimwitted Guard   Sad Executioner  Myopic Surgeon Jittery Diabetic 

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